Dr.PAWPAW's Skincare is 100% Recyclable

Dr.PAWPAW's Skincare is 100% Recyclable

Hello Gorgeous,

Happy World Recycling Day!

From reducing waste to recycling materials, every effort counts in preserving our beautiful planet for future generations.

Did you know that every YOUR gorgeous SKIN tube is 100% recyclable?

Here's why. 

YOUR gorgeous SKIN Cares About The Planet

  • 🌿 YOUR gorgeous SKIN boxes are all 100% recyclable, promoting a circular economy and reducing waste.
  • 🌳 The cardboard used for our boxes is all FSC approved, ensuring responsible sourcing from well-managed forests.
  • 🌱 We use soy ink on the cardboard, which is water-soluble and eco-friendly, minimising environmental impact.
  • 🐠 The tubes are reef-safe, meaning they are formulated without harmful chemicals that could damage delicate coral reefs.
  • ♻️ Our tubes are made from 42% recycled plastic, contributing to the reduction of virgin plastic consumption and promoting a more circular approach to packaging materials.

And did you know that...

  • 🌍 The sheet masks we offer are 100% biodegradable, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional masks that can be disposed of in the food bin, further reducing landfill waste.

By offering recyclable packaging and empowering consumers to make eco-friendly choices, Dr.PAWPAW sets a shining example for the beauty industry and beyond.

So, the next time you reach for your favourite YGS product, remember that you're not just treating yourself—you're also contributing to a more sustainable world.

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