Protect & Nourish: Dr.PAWPAW's Lip Balm SPF

Protect & Nourish: Dr.PAWPAW's Lip Balm SPF

Hello Gorgeous,

We're excited to introduce one of our latest gems: Dr.PAWPAW's Lip Balm SPF

This vegan and cruelty-free balm will keep your lips hydrated and protected all year round, while also delighting you with a delicious fragrance.

Why should you try Dr.PAWPAW's Lip Balm SPF?

Built on the award-winning Dr.PAWPAW formula of Papaya Fruit, Aloe Vera, and Olive Oil, Dr.PAWPAW’s Lip Balm SPF introduces a protective solution for your lips this year! 

A SPF 20 balm that can be used on lips to soothe and revitalise. Containing Dr.PAWPAW’s Original formula, the balm is also enriched with a light mango and coconut fragrance to give you the holiday feels everyday! It gives you the armour you need to protect your lips from both UVA and UVB rays ☀️

Its lightweight formula can be used all year round and is a must for your daily regimen. The Lip Balm SPF is super hydrating and absorbs quickly into the lips providing instant and long lasting protection.

Click here to purchase on our website, for only £4.95.



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