Veganuary Skincare 5-Minute Express Glow-Up

Veganuary Skincare 5-Minute Express Glow-Up

Hello Gorgeous,

Embrace the Veganuary spirit with our 5-Minute Express Glow-Up routine, tailored for the busy bees on-the-go. Unveil your radiance and feel gorgeous in just a flash with Dr.PAWPAW and YOUR gorgeous SKIN - your ultimate beauty go-to for a quick, guilt-free glow-up!

Vegan Beauty 5-minute Express Routine

Step 1: 3in1 Cleansing Balm

Apply a small amount, paying special attention to the delicate eye and lip areas if you're wearing makeup. Gently remove it with water to help create a smooth and soft canvas.

Step 2: 4in1 Face Serum

Apply this directly to your face, neck, and the delicate eye region. Combining 4 serums into one tube, this formula will leave your skin nourished, hydrated and firm, your complexion visibly brighter, on the go.

Step 3: SPF 50+ pa++++ Day Cream

Gently massage this into your face and neck, and enjoy the powerful boost of hydration it brings to your skin, all without leaving any white cast behind.

Step 4: Original Balm

Don’t forget Dr.PAWPAW’s iconic yellow tube. A touch of this balm on your lips will keep them hydrated and irresistibly soft. Apply on your cheeks for a dewy finish.

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