Teenage Cancer Trust Stories: Mariam

Teenage Cancer Trust Stories: Mariam - Dr Paw Paw

Our collaboration balm - Dr.PAWPAW X Teenage Cancer Trust Shimmer Balm not only donates 15p from every single sale to TCT but the packaging also features four inspiring stories from young people who have received that unthinkable news and have benefitted from the great work that Teenage Cancer Trust do across the UK. We wanted to get to know these individuals a little more and learn more about their story! In this post we catch up with Mariam , she takes us through her
journey and with Eid fast approaching tells us more about what it means to be able to celebrate with her family this year.

Hi Mariam! We have a snippet of your story on the Dr.PAWPAW X Teenage Cancer Trust Shimmer Balm but tell us a little more …

Sure! I was diagnosed with stage 3 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in November 2020, just 9 days before my birthday! This was such a daunting time in my life as I was just getting ready to move out for my first year at university. I was supported by my brilliant Teenage Cancer Trust youth support co-ordinator at the time (Sian) and she quickly became someone who I could tell about my worries and fears to without any judgement, she helped me in a time period where I felt like I didn’t have anyone.

Eid is fast approaching now. How has the significance of this celebration for yourself and your family changed since your cancer diagnosis?

The last Eid before I was diagnosed in 2020 I knew something was wrong with me, I spent that Eid not really knowing what would happen. The whole narrative of Eid has changed for me now. I appreciate and cherish all the good moments. Me and my cousins who are my age always try to make a conscious effort to do something at the end of the day if we hadn’t had as much fun as we wanted!! I always make TikTok’s and take lots of pictures to cherish these moments forever.

and how will you all be celebrating Eid this year?

Usually every year, my family hosts a big dinner and all my cousins, aunties and uncles come round. It's such an amazing time of the year, we literally all “dress to impress” and it's such a joyous occasion where the love can truly be felt. If the weather is good enough we might be able to have a BBQ this year! Fingers crossed.

Sounds so fun! What is your favourite part of Eid?

My favourite part of Eid is getting ready! Usually my brothers, cousins and dad will go to the mosque for Eid prayer and during this time I use that as an opportunity to get ready in my new clothes. It never gets old when they return from prayer and all shower me with millions of compliments!

And you definitely deserve those compliments! Do you have any special family traditions that you would like to share?

Usually me and the cousins closest to my age try to make a conscious effort to do an activity/ go out if we hadn’t done a lot on that day. So for example if we all met for Eid Lunch, as cousins we’d go out for dinner, dessert or even a drive, it gives us all one on one time to discuss things. It’s so crazy now,  even the youngest of my family now comes along to these!!

Family is so important, sounds like you really make the most of it. How do you prepare for Eid?

I usually get so paranoid about my skin during the week before Eid, I usually refrain from wearing makeup so when I do on Eid it comes out so so good. It’s a must for me to have my eyelash extensions done before Eid, so usually the week of I will schedule a full set appointment and also get my eyebrows done too. I usually always get my brothers advent calendars too that lead up to Eid, even though they’re growing up they appreciate the small gesture and it definitely makes them excited for Eid, as their older sister it’s been a tradition!

That’s so nice, you’re never too old for an advent calendar! Eid is a big time for gifting, what other gifts do you like to give or receive?

We have this gift giving ritual and it is called “Eidi” (Eid-e) . This essentially is when the senior members of each family give all the younger people in the family money. Every single person in my family ends up with a lot of money at the end of the day, as I'm getting older now, I’m now at the stage where I’ve started giving Eidi to my younger brothers too! (Being an adult comes with responsibilities ) I usually use an app called share the meal and donate meals on Eid day too to remember and help people who are less fortunate.

That’s really kind, it’s so important to remember people less fortunate on days like these. Your beauty prep for the big celebration is impressive. Can you list your three go-to beauty products that your Eid wouldn’t be complete without?

  • I love love the Dior backstage blush, it's such a beautiful blush that lasts all day and blends in so beautifully with my makeup. Everyone deserves to try this blush!
  • The Charlotte Tilbury Air Brush flawless setting spray is my holy grail, without this my routine is never complete. It makes all my makeup look melted into my skin and it doesn’t rub off on my clothes too, it also smells so so good!
  • And last but not least the Dr.PAWPAW X Teenage Cancer Trust Shimmer Balm- this balm is not only just for the lips, it can be used as a highlighter and I love it. I usually apply a little amount on my cheekbones and the arch of my eyebrows and it looks so natural and dewy.

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