Recreate the Defiant Romance Look with Dr.PAWPAW

Recreate the Defiant Romance Look with Dr.PAWPAW

Hello Gorgeous,

Achieving the trending Defiant Romance makeup look has never been easier or more affordable, with these gorgeous vegan products by Dr.PAWPAW.

This trending look is all about:

🌷Naked base

🌷Outdoorsy peach fuzz flush

🌷Main character energy eye look

🌷Kissable lips

Recreate the Defiant Romance Makeup Trend with Dr.PAWPAW

Step 1: Naked base

For a flawless base that complements this romantic look, indulge in the TikTok Sell-Out YOUR gorgeous SKIN SPF 50 Day Cream (RRP £18.00). Infused with nourishing ingredients, this pioneering protection 3 in 1 day cream can be used as SPF, daily moisturiser and primer. It will hydrate and prep your skin, ensuring a smooth canvas for your makeup masterpiece.

Step 2: Outdoorsy peach fuzz flush

One of Dr.PAWPAW’s classic balms, the Peach Pink Balm (£4.25)  is the second step to achieving that spring look. Apply the balm to your cheeks by dabbing it on with your fingertips for that radiant glow. Then make sure you dab some of the balm on your nose, focusing on the tip of your nose to achieve a blush-like effect that mirrors the natural flush of standing outside in the sun. 

Step 3: Main character energy eye look

Mix the Peach Pink Balm with our Shimmer Balm (£4.25) on the palm of your hand and apply it to your eyelids to create a mesmerising shade for your eyelids. The combination of soft peach tones and subtle shimmer adds depth and allure to your eyes. You’ll be giving the main character energy in no time!

Step 4: Kissable lips

For the finishing touch, you’ll have to use the Peach Pink Balm again. Gently dab it onto the center of your lips and then diffuse a softer, faded peach pink  across the rest of your lips, spreading the color to the edges with your fingertips.

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