Inside Dr.PAWPAW's 2023 Christmas Party

Inside Dr.PAWPAW's 2023 Christmas Party

Hello Gorgeous,

At Dr.PAWPAW, we're all about embracing the festive spirit, and this year, our team brought the house down with an epic celebration that set the bar higher for holiday cheer. Picture this: a day filled to the brim with joy, laughter, and a sprinkle of competitive spirit.  


Last week we had our Christmas party 🥰🎄🎁

♬ 1901 - Phoenix

From the first unwrapping of Secret Santa surprises to the grand finale of dance-offs, our day-long festivities were a rollercoaster of excitement. The party started with a delicious Christmas dinner, during which we got to unwrap some very thoughtful Secret Santa gifts - including a gorgeous portrait of Dr.PAWPAW's in-house dog superstar Luna.

But that was just the beginning! After a review of our sensational journey through 2023 with presentations that encapsulated our achievements and milestones, the moment everyone was waiting for—the prestigious Pawcademy's Awards. Our very own Dr.PAWPAW Awards, recognising the quirks and talents that make our team shine. 

The competitive spirit reached its pinnacle during a riveting Christmas quiz that put our team's knowledge of Dr.PAWPAW's history and product intricacies to the test. Trust us, it was no walk in the park! The questions were crafted to challenge even the most dedicated aficionados of our brand.

The energy and the laughter through the day were simply infectious, reminding us that at Dr.PAWPAW our team is more than just colleagues, we're a real family!

Cheers to a remarkable year gone by and to the promise of even more exciting adventures ahead at Dr.PAWPAW!

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