Gen Alpha Routine by Dr.PAWPAW

Gen Alpha Routine by Dr.PAWPAW

Hello Gorgeous,

As Gen Alphas show a growing interest in skincare, including anti-aging products, it's crucial to recognise the specific needs of young skin, which is sensitive and can be easily irritated by strong ingredients designed for more mature skin.

Gen Alpha Routine by Dr.PAWPAW:

We present a curated PM and AM routine that caters to the specific needs of young skin without the complexity of a 10-step regimen, and without posing any risk to the delicate, evolving skin barrier.

PM Gen Alpha Skincare Routine:

Step 1: 3 in 1 Cleansing Balm

The 3 in 1 Cleansing Balm is suitable for all skin combinations, and is the first step to an effective but gentle evening skincare regimen. Even perfect for oily skin, it effectively combats blemishes. In fact, the oil consistency tricks the skin into producing less oil, while papaya seed oil's anti-inflammatory properties soothe spots.

Step 2: Hydrating Day Cream

The Hydrating Day Cream is the perfect moisturiser to apply before bed time. Powered by Papayaluronic™, the blend of papaya extract and 8 hyaluronic acids, which  ensures superior hydration, leaving your skin smooth, soft, and replenished with Vitamin E.

AM Routine:

Step 3: SPF 50 PA++++ Day Cream

The SPF 50 PA++++ Day Cream is the only product that Gen Alpha really needs in the morning, following the evening’s cleansing and moisturising. This lightweight SPF 50+ PA++++ Day Cream offers the highest protection against UVA and UVB rays, protecting the skin barrier from any damage without leaving a white cast. Serving as a 3 in 1 solution – SPF, daily moisturiser, and primer – it provides long-lasting hydration, powered by Papayaluronic™, and is enriched with Vitamin E for skin restoration.



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