Dr.PAWPAW's Original Balm Used on Saltburn Cast

Dr.PAWPAW's Original Balm Used on Saltburn Cast

Hello Gorgeous,

Have you seen the most talked-about film of this awards season? Well, we're in it!

BAFTA nominated hair and makeup designer Siân Miller shared her insights with NewBeauty and revealed an essential beauty weapon used on the Saltburn set to create those stunning, natural close-ups: Dr.PAWPAW Original Balm. 

Priced at just £7.25 this multipurpose balm was the go-to choice to achieve the desired hot, sweaty, and flushed looks for the young cast within the 1:33 aspect ratio.

Now, you too can access this BAFTA-nominated secret to achieve a dewy Jacob Elordi-worthy look.  

Our award-winning, 100% natural, vegan, and cruelty-free multi-tasking balm, a true trailblazer in the UK, is a miracle in a tube. Enriched with PAWPAW (papaya fruit) for enduring nourishment for both skin and hair, Aloe Vera to soothe and rejuvenate even the most sensitive skin, and Olive Oil to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate dry, cracked skin, leaving it supple and soft. 

Click here to shop: https://www.drpawpaw.com/products/original-clear-lip-balm-25ml

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