5 Dr.PAWPAW Lip Balms For Veganuary 2023

5 Dr.PAWPAW Lip Balms For Veganuary 2023 - Dr Paw Paw

It’s January, which means it’s Veganuary! It’s about more than a plant-based diet, it can also include vegan makeup and skincare! Many of your fav beauty products will already be vegan, rest-assured all Dr.PAWPAW products are vegan. 

If you’re ready to discover new vegan lip balms, you’re in the right place! Did you know our balms are also multi-tasking? That means one product does multiple things, saves money, saves space and is planet conscious! Here’s our top 5 balms:

Original Balm


Our Original Balm is a miracle balm. It was created for our Co-Founder’s daughter, who had eczema, but it’s most commonly used as nourishing Pawpaw lip balm. The multi-tasking ingredients mean you can also use the balm to heal dry skin, soothe sunburn, hydrate your cuticles, shape your eyebrows, and so much more! We love hearing how you use yours! Find this on in a 25ml size that will last for months for £7.25 or a handbag-friendly 10ml size for £4.25.

Ultimate Red Balm

Our Ultimate Red Balm is loved by celebrities such as Natalia Dyer and Alexa Chung for a reason. This Pawpaw tinted balm not only contains our trio of ingredients: Pawpaw, Olive Oil and Aloe Vera, it’s also a gorgeous buildable red tinted balm! Who wouldn’t want hydrated lips with a pop of colour in the winter? If your lips lose their colour in the cold weather, or you can’t stand wearing lipstick for hours, this is exactly what you need. Find this balm on our website in a 25ml size that will last for months for £7.25 or a handbag-friendly 10ml size for £4.25.

Shimmer Balm

The perfect balm for someone who’s tried them all. This is our Original formula with added environmentally friendly iridescent pearls! You can use this as a shimmer lip balm or on your cheekbones/ collarbones as a gorgeous highlighter. Top tip: mix this one with our tinted balms for a beautiful tinted, glowing lip! Did you know our 10ml Shimmer balm helps to support Teenage Cancer Trust? Click here to shop.

Overnight Lip Mask

Our Overnight Lip Mask contains natural peptides, this is our richest and most nourishing lip balm. The natural peptides work to smooth fine lines, making your lips appear fuller over time. You can even wear it during the day for a great winter lip balm. Try it for yourself in our 10ml size for £4.75 and 25ml for £9.25! You can also buy our Overnight Lip Mask and Ultimate Red balm together in the Prep & Pout Gift Set!

Rich Mocha Balm

Our Rich Mocha lip balm is the perfect nude shade. It’s currently trending as a dupe for the Glossier Swiss Miss Balm Dotcom! Our Pawpaw Rich Mocha lip balm contains all the nourishing ingredients we’re known for, Pawpaw (papaya), Olive Oil and Aloe Vera! You can choose your intensity with our tinted balms, if you want a softer look just apply less product! Top tip: use this on your cheeks as the perfect easy contour! Find it in the mini 10ml size for £4.25 or the full-size 25ml for £7.25!

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