2023 Beauty Trends We Can't Wait To Try

2023 Beauty Trends We Can't Wait To Try - Dr Paw Paw

In 2022 we saw the rise of some amazing new trends, from the wolf cut, recently worn by Jenna Ortega, to brow lamination and slugging… here are some of the trends we’re predicting will be the biggest in 2023!



Consumers are becoming more and more eco-conscious. Gen-Z is growing up, and people are seeing the effects of global warming every day. That’s why we’ll see even more of an emphasis on sustainable skincare and beauty. Why would you shop for products that aren’t vegan, recyclable and ethically sourced when it’s easier than ever to find responsible products?

All Dr.PAWPAW products are 100% recyclable, vegan and ethically sourced. We are committed to doing our bit for the planet and fully believe in our ethos of looking good, feeling good and doing good! We consider every detail, from the environmentally friendly iridescent pearls in our Shimmer balm to the eco-tape we use to package your orders. Not only do we ensure our products are sustainable, we also donate to various charity partners to make sure we’re giving back. These include Teenage Cancer Trust, Stonewall and The Eve Appeal, plus many more throughout the year.


Haircare is Just as Important as Skincare

In 2023 we expect consumers to give their haircare routine as much attention as their skincare! The products and ingredients you use on your hair have a huge impact on the overall health of your hair, which is why it’s so important to take good care of it! 

The first step to a good haircare routine is to use products that are kind to your hair. These can strip your hair of its natural oils, dry it, and be harsh. Dr.PAWPAW’s haircare range is truly for everybody. The range is SLS and paraben free, as well as vegan & cruelty-free! With the pawpaw also providing additional moisture, you can’t go wrong with haircare created to be kind! Did you know our It Does It All Shampoo & Conditioner can also be used on the body? Use the shampoo as a body wash and conditioner as an in-shower body moisturiser! Our 7-in-1 It Does It All Hair Spray can be used in 7 ways and will be the only product you need! Find out more here: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Cghwl3eoYP8/

Naked Skin

Skincare is the new makeup! Show off your natural glow, freckles and skin texture with no-makeup- make-up! Fresh skin will be the best accessory for 2023, so you need to get your hands on the Dr.PAWPAW balms. Try our Shimmer balm as a highlight on your lips and cheeks, our Rich Mocha balm as a beautiful contour shade or a nude-tone lip, and our most recent balm True Coral is the perfect effortless lip and blush shade! We’re all about the low-maintenance aesthetic this year!



Lip treatments have increased in popularity over the last year, thanks to TikTok! Peptide lip treatments provide a naturally plump and soft lip, helping you create the perfect pout! 

Our Overnight Lip Mask contains natural peptides and works overnight to plump your lips by reducing fine lines! Don't worry, there’s no tingling sensation; this is our thickest formula but is still just as gentle as all our other balms! This balm also works perfectly during the day to protect your lips in the winter period!

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