Don’t just take our word for it. Dr.PAWPAW has gained a number of rave reviews and support from some of the biggest names in the world of celebrity. We’ve appeared in some of the most respected publications and have been used by top makeup professionals.


Emma Willis

‘I’ve always loved using pawpaw ointment’

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Michelle Collins

‘Love the new tinted one, Peach is lovely’

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Anna Passey

‘See ya later winter lips!’

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Helen Flanagan

‘Love my Dr.PAWPAW, It’s the best thing for my dry lips’

4.Helen Flanagan

Jo Whiley

‘Dr.PAWPAW seems to fix absolutely everything’

6.Jo Whiley

Kym Marsh

‘my fav’

5. Kym marsh

The Sunday Times Style

7.ST Style




‘You’ll wonder how you survived without it’

9. Brides


‘The perfect handbag hero’


Daily Mirror

‘Nothing beats Dr.PAWPAW’

11.Daily Mirror

Daily Mail

‘Unsung Hero’


Daily Mail

‘The make-up artists must-have product’

13. Prima
Make up artists

Danny Defreitas

‘As a Session Make Up Artist, I’m always looking for key items that work and work fast. I love using Dr.PAWPAW as its not only made from natural ingredients, but leaves the lips fully prepped. All my clients love it.’

15. Danny Defreitas

Gilly Walsh

‘All 3 tubes are essentials in my day to day kit. There isn’t anything on the market quite as moisturising as the original tube for lips. It’s also really handy to tame eyebrows and keep them in place. The tinted ultimate red tube has many uses from creating burns to taking dryness out of spots, it also reduces spot scarring and I also use it to create sweat on TV drama. The peach is very versatile. It can be used as a blusher to give a little dewy glow and a way to keep your lips soft with a hint of colour. It’s actually the most popular one with my clients’


Nikki Tipping

‘I absolutely love Dr. Paw Paw! It is a must have product in my pro kit as well as in my own beauty bag. Whether I’m working on a model, actor, celebrity or a personal client I always use this magic balm for prepping their lips making them perfectly soft for the next step. It’s also fantastic for setting eyebrows and the peach pink tone makes the perfect cream blusher. I’m so confident in this product that i always recommend to everyone to buy their own tube of magic. Well done DR. Paw Paw for creating a fabulous product full of goodness for the skin, I would be lost without it.’


Ashley Parkin

‘The texture is so silky and super nourishing. I use them frequently on my clients either to replenish dry lips or to add a dewy sheen on top of any lip colour. I have also used it to reduce fly away hairs on shoots when styling hair. All round this is an amazing product! It’s a must have kit essential’

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British Beauty Blogger

‘It’s instant love for Dr PAWPAW Peach Pink Balm – I’ve only had this a few days and I’ve used it so much already’

The Sunday Girl Blog

‘I can not recommend Dr. Pawpaw Tinted Ultimate Peach Pink Balm enough’

Brogan Tate

‘I am completely in love with it as a lip tint. It leaves my dry, eczema prone lips feeling super soft’

Sinead Cady
The Make Up Chair

‘Perfect base for a red lip’

Sinead Cady Make Up Chair