Dr.PAWPAW Original Balm 100ml

£18.99 inc VAT

Following the sucess of the award winning Dr.PAWPAW Original Balm UK and now world wide, Dr.PAWPAW is now launching a 100ml version of the best selling original balmw!

This generous sized tube uses the same amazing Original formula and is perfect for families, mothers and make-up artists who wanted a longer lasting version of our balm for work and home use. Buying this 100ml balm will save you nearly £10. Four 25ml balms should be £27.80 but buy this 100ml tube for just £18.99!


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Product Description

Dr.PAWPAW’s 100ml version of the Original Balm provides a generous tube for our fans that go through the 25ml balms quickly – whether you need a family sized tube for at-home or work, this 100ml will make sure you’re fully stocked so you never have to go without!

Dr.PAWPAW, is made and manufactured in the UK, multi-use, vegan, PETA approved, cruelty free miracle product containing a variety of effective nourishing ingredients, including pawpaw (also known as papaya) fruit, olive oil and Aloe Vera oil which combine to create Dr.PAWPAW’s smooth, long lasting balm.

This luscious balm can be used on lips, skin or hair but whatever your use for it, we guarantee you will be delighted with the satisfyingly smooth finish!

• Same amazing Original formula
• Perfect size for at-home use
• Has a variety of uses