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Our Ethics & Sustainability

Dr.PAWPAW lip balm

Dr.PAWPAW’s philosophy has always been to make inclusive beauty products.

It is our main mission to create multi use products for everybody and the whole face and body. We are pioneers of the skincare meet cosmetic movement, which means our products not only make you look and feel good but also benefit and improve the skin at the same time.

1 Tube + Multi Uses + Long Lasting = Happy Planet!

All our tubes are 100% recyclable. We strive to ensure all our ingredients are ethically and sustainably sourced, we have strong beliefs that all our products should be cruelty free and certify that all our Dr.PAWPAW products are PETA approved.


We are very proud to be made and manufactured right here in Great Britain. We believe in sharing our success to bring goodness to the world by supporting UK national and international charities.

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Dr.PAWPAW is proud to support Crisis

…a UK national charity for single homeless people. The charity offers year-round education, employment, housing and well-being services. We are working closely with the team at Crisis to help end homelessness.

Dr.PAWPAW’s Shea Butter is sourced from the sub Saharan desert…

…our suppliers have joined forces with The Ghanaian Women Project, who have developed an environmentally friendly, socially equal and therefore a sustainable model to supply Shea Butter.


The Ghanaian Women’s project also helps financially support communities and has drastically increased communities and projects that are protecting some of the last remaining biodiversity rich areas of the West African Savannah including the Shea Parkland and the hippos of the Black Volta River which runs alongside north west Ghana.

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