Men need Dr.PAWPAW too!

Nearly 50% of men suffer from dry skin recent research shows, with a large percentage also having problems with dry or even cracked heels and feet and elbows. Yet much of this goes untreated, which only leads to the problems being exacerbated.

Well, you know what men are like with their health, strong silent types that they are!
Dr.PAWPAW’s amazing multi-purpose balm addresses many of these issues and is the perfect solution for men, being un-perfumed. And it’s non-greasy too; it disappears into the skin in a trice leaving no signs of it being there, so the immediate application of shirt, socks and so on is not an issue.

Men need Dr.PAWPAW, so to prevent your favourite tube mysteriously disappearing overnight, why not give him a tube of his own.

After all, his skin deserves it!